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The HUB of Assistive Technology in the Indian Sub Continent

with the widest range of products for the Visually Challenged




Sole Authorized Distributors for India & the neighbouring countries like Bangladesh,

Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Pakistan & Afghanistan for:


 Freedom Scientific Inc., USA

developer of the world famous JAWS Talking Software and a host of other Assistive Technology products that have changed the lives of the visually challenged worldwide.




Index Braille, Sweden

the world leader in manufacture of Braille Embossers






Our Work is our Passion:

A decade ago, even in India the situation was pathetic as the visually challenged were restricted to some very unskilled tasks and had a bleak future since they did not pursue higher education nor did they have any means to support their learning.


Karishma Enterprises was instrumental to change this deplorable situation by introducing Assistive Technology products to enable them to develop computer skills as well as have access to printed text books, receive supply of Braille books and master the most important tool in an office environment i.e. Computers.


JAWS has made the impossible happen and the blind were suddenly uplifted to a level playing field with their sighted peers and soon the horizons opened up with new job opportunities.


Today, we are happy to see that the visually challenged have become proficient in computers and hold High Managerial Positions in companies, are doing Software Programming, Chartered Accountancy, Medical Transcription, Call Centre Operation, have become HR Managers or Software Testers.


Karishma Enterprises, is today the centre for Assistive Technologies and has the widest range of products for the visually challenged and can be considered the HUB of Assistive Technology in the Indian Sub Continent.



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Our Product Range


For the Visually Challenged


Computers Access




Talking Braille Notetaker




Access to Reading of Printed Materials/ Provision of Library Services


Text Reading Systems


Stand Alone Text Readers


Instant Text Readers/ Magnifiers - Computer Supported

Computer Supported OCR Scanning & Reading Software



DAISY Talking Book Recorders, Players & Software






Assistive Technologies for Braille


Production of Braille Books & Magazines


        INDEX V5 Braille Printers/ Embossers & Braille Presses




Tactile Graphics Production



Refreshable Braille Displays


Pocket Braille Displays with Bluetooth for Note Taking on Mobile Phones/ Smart phones/ iPhones/ Computers



Tools for Teaching, Learning & Writing Braille


Swiss Braille Watches



Assistive Technologies for Low Vision



Computer Access




Reading Systems


Desktop Video Magnifiers


Near & Distance View Video Magnifiers


Portable Video Magnifiers


Hand Held Video Magnifiers


Stand Alone Text Readers



Instant Text Readers/ Magnifiers - Computer Supported


MaxView Distance Viewing Glasses



Scientific Calculators for Low Vision




For Persons with Learning Disabilities / Slow Learners




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