ANGEL PRO Low Cost Talking "All In One "

Daisy Reader/ E-Book Reader/ MP3 Player/ Radio/ Voice Recorder


Angel PRO is a talking assistive technology device specially designed for the visually challenged.


Here is a quick round of what this fantastic marvel can do for you:


DAISY PLAYER: Reads Daisy books in all formats and it does not matter in what language they have been produced. English books of course can be displayed on the screen; however the other languages will only speak the audio aspect.


DAISY NAVIGATION: Provides easy navigation for Go to Page, Headings, with levels for chapters, sections, phrase as well as beginning of book, end of book, time intervals, etc.


E-BOOK READER: Reads all books, documents or files saved in Text, Word, PDF, E-Pub, HTM or HTML formats in a clear human like voice with a choice of 2 voices Joseph and Mary.


EASY NAVIGATION AND READING: Navigate through e-books in DOCX format and browse through them with direct access to page by page, with level headings like Chapter by Chapter, Paragraph by Paragraph, sentence by sentence or just read the entire book. Also for DOC files navigate by page, sentence, or read the entire book, etc.


MUSIC PLAYER: Plays all music or audio files saved in MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, APE, AAC, OGG, RA, M4A formats.


VIDEO & MOVIE PLAYER: Plays all video and movie files saved in RM, RMVB, AVI, MP4, 3GP, MOV, WMV, FLV, MPG, MPEG, and DAT formats so that you can listen to them.


RADIO: Gives access to broadcastings in FM, Medium Wave and Short Wave.


DIRECT INTERNAL RECORDING FROM RADIO: Records a song or any News broadcast from the Radio for later listening.


LINE IN RECORDING: Connect directly to a Cassette Player, Radio, TV or Music Player for direct recording.




VOICE RECORDER: Records whatever is spoken, both from the in-built mike and through the external mike input, with a choice of saving in WAV or MP3 formats and selection of Near, Medium and Far distances depending on the location of the sound source.


CLEAR NOISE: Facilitates removal of all unnecessary background noises during recording.


VARIABLE SPEED RECORDING: Offers a selection of recording speeds for achieving maximum sound quality.


FILE MANAGEMENT: Allows you to browse through files or delete them

USB CONNECTIVITY & FOLDER CREATION: Facilitates 'to and fro transfer' of files from PC; creation of your Own Folders to organize your files as well as editing or renaming them.


IN-BUILT CLOCK: Informs you the current Time (in 12 or 24 hour formats), Date and Day


BATTERY LEVEL INDICATOR: Informs battery status


EASY TO CARRY: Since it is Lightweight and Sleek, weighing only 120 grams including the battery, makes it ultra-portable and can be easily carried everywhere in your pocket or purse.


LOCALLY AVAILABLE BATTERY: Has a rechargeable battery like a Mobile Phone that is easily available locally.


LARGE STORAGE CAPACITY: Comes with a 4GB SD Card and one can extend it by using external SD Cards of up to 32 GB.


MORE THAN 15 HOURS CONTINUOUS USE: Runs continuously for more than 15 hours per charge.


REPEAT FEATURE: For listening to recordings, music, audio, video and movie files repeatedly. Useful for students to revise their lessons, read books; for musicians to learn their songs or musical notes; for stenographers to take dictation and transcribe on the computer


IN BUILT SPEAKERS: With excellent Sound quality and high volume.


STEREO EARPHONES INCLUDED: For private listening


CONTINUOUS RECORDING OF UPTO 35 HOURS AT A TIME: depending on Space available on SD Card.


BOOKMARKING: Place bookmarks of important points for review, study and revision in E-Books, Daisy Books, Music, Audio Files & Recordings. You can place up to 32 bookmarks and up to 3 Bookmarks per file.


SETTINGS FOR ADJUSTING: Volume, Reading Speed, Voice, Pitch/ Tone of Voice, Voice Effects, Play Mode and Equalizer



Shuffle Function: Allows you to have your music files played randomly through auto selection

Equalizer: Allows you to adjust the sound with a choice of 4 options

Repeat Functions: Allows you to have a recording or song to be repeated continuously or all audio files saved in the Angel to be played continuously. You can even mark a part of the recording or song to begin from point A and end at point B and then listen to it repeatedly.


AUTO SHUT DOWN FEATURE: Allows you to pre-select automatic shutoff to conserve battery power when not in use.


TIME SHUT DOWN FEATURE: Enables you to specify an amount of time, after which Angel will shut down.






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