Braille Paper


Harpo - technologia dla niepełnosprawnych

Braille paper is a special quality of paper specially used for production of Braille books or embossed sheets.


It needs a specific toughnessto ensure that the Braille dots remain firm for a long time.


Different models of Braille printers or embossers use different types of paper quality and sizes depending on the design of the Braille printer/ embosser such as:



The standard sizes used are as follows:


Type of Paper

Size & Thickness

Tractor Feed Continuous Sheet Paper

Packed in boxes of 1000 sheets per box

10 width x 12 length x 140 GSM or 160 GSM  thickness

11.5 width x 12 length x 140 or 160 GSM thickness 

Cut Sheet Paper

Available in packets of 250 sheets

A4, A3, Letter, 11"x17", 11"x11.5 x 140 GSM thickness 


We can also provide custom sizes of Braille Paper based on your requirements



For more information and pricing, please contact us


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