Braille Keyboards

Braille keyboards are very useful especially for those visually challenged persons who prefer to type in Braille instead of the conventional QWERTY PC keyboard.





  • Compact & Portable

  • Simple & easy to use

  • Does not require any drivers or software to be installed onto the computer & can act as a direct replacement for a normal keyboard in a Windows environment.

  • Can be connected to a Desktop or laptop computer with USB

  • Principal Braille keys and additional keys provide full cursor control, Ctrl and Alt functions

  • The 6 Braille input keys are arranged in a standard Braille line, with space, backspace & delete and new line keys ergonomically located below the Braille keys. A further lower line of keys provide on the left side, Ctrl and Alt, while on the right side is a cluster of 4 keys giving full cursor control.


Available in two models:

G1 Braille keyboard:For Computer Braille / Open Braille without contractions

G2 Braille keyboard: For Braille with contractions




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