Stand Alone Instant Text Reader


Eye Pal Ace

Portable Instant Reader cum Magnifier


Eye-Pal Ace is a revolutionary battery operated ultra-portable self-contained unit that reads out loud and magnifies printed material in 3 seconds!





  • Scans & Reads within 3 seconds

  • Read single pages or books saved in internal Memory

  • Save scanned books directly in external USB pen drives

  • Easy Navigation

  • Reads even the most difficult types of text like Glossy Magazines, Fine Print, Tables/ Financial Statements, etc.

  • In-built 10" screen for viewing magnified text or images

  • Facility to change colour contrast, adjust reading speed, voice selection, volume control

  • Audio calendar: reminds appointments

  • Clock display: the largest clock display you have ever come across.

  • Alarm clock: wakes you in the morning.

  • Audio notepad: helps you to remember important things that you might otherwise forget.

  • Digital photo album: view your favorite digital photos and JPEG images as a slide show or select a single photo and magnify it.



Made in USA




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