Refreshable Braille Displays


Refreshable Braille Displays use screen readers such as JAWS to activate the refreshable Braille cells and act as a tactile monitor that allows the user to navigate and read information in dynamic Braille.


Ideal for those visually challenged who prefer to read the contents of the PC in Braille instead of the Standard QWERTY keyboard.


It connects to any PC or laptop installed with JAWS software.


Freedom Scientific offers Braille displays with world class quality at the lowest prices!



Focus 14 Blue Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Pocket-Sized Refreshable Braille Display

An Ideal companion for your Smartphone!







̃     8-key Perkins-style keyboard

̃     NAV Rocker at each end of display independently settable for line, sentence, paragraph, or pan forward/back

̃     Cursor router keys

̃     Two front-mounted thumb keys for panning

̃     Two thumb rockers for line up/down

̃     Two Selector keys

̃     Two Shift keys


̃     Rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

̃     20 hours, typical usage per charge

̃     Recharges from PC through USB




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