Basic D V4 Tractor Feed Continuous Sheet Braille Embosser


Low Cost, High Speed, Double sided, New Generation Technology Braille Printer!





         Double Sided: Produces 2 pages i.e. front and back at the same time

         Uses Tractor Feed paper which can be spiral bound using plastic wire making it very economical and does not require any special binding equipment

         Produces High Quality Braille Dots

         Continuous embossing for long hours: Load a box of continuous sheet Braille paper and it will emboss without interruption continuously for long hours, making Braille production a very simple task Portable, Durable and Stable

         User friendly, easy to operate giving trouble free performance



Ideal for Blind Schools, NGOs, Universities & Colleges, Inclusive Education institutions and even Home or Office use



Technical Specifications: 

         Paper Type: Tractor Feed Paper Continuous Sheet

         Supported Paper width: 5.2-11.7 inch;   Paper length: 1-12 inch

         Paper Sheet Feeder: Holds up to 50 sheets

         Embossing speed: 300 A4 pages per hour; corresponding to 100 cps

         Braille text buffer: 10,000 Braille pages

         Multiple Copy Function: unlimited number of copies

         Braille Translation Software Required: Duxbury DBT Win version 11.1 & above



Price: US$ 3500 Ex-Mumbai Warehouse

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