A regulation size monitor and a pull-out of the screen magnified by MAGic


MAGic Screen Magnification Software Professional - Latest Version 12

Enables Persons with Low Visionto operate the Computer Independently







MAGic Magnifies The Computer Screen


MAGic lets you magnify your computer screen from 1 to 36 times its normal size. Choose from several adjustable views to see both magnified and unmagnified areas of the screen.




Independent Installation

Since MAGic has an interactive talking installation, the Visually Challenged can install MAGic easily & independently without sighted assistance.


Mouse and Cursor Enhancements

These enhancements help you track the location of the mouse pointer and cursor on the screen. You can choose from a wide variety of enhancement styles. MAGic lets you change the color of these enhancements, apply transparency effects, adjust their size, and more.


Color Enhancements

Color enhancements let you change how colors appear on your screen. You can apply tinting, view your screen as two colors (monochrome), invert brightness and colors, and switch colors. All these enhancements can be combined to meet your specific needs.


Other useful magnification features include the Quick View Frame for monitoring important areas of the screen, a Locator feature to help you find items, keyboard panning controls, tracking and synchronized highlighting, and much more.


Customizable Magnified Views

Choice of several customizable magnified views that let you see both an unmagnified and magnified area of the screen simultaneously. Switching and resizing views is easy and quick.



This feature allows you to move the magnified area of the screen with the keyboard.


MAGic With Speech Option



Tracking and Synchronized Highlighting

MAGic highlights text as it reads, and you can control the size, color, and style of highlighting. Tracking features move the magnified area so the mouse pointer, cursor, highlighting, and other screen elements remain visible.



The Locator feature lets you quickly jump to different areas or find items on your screen.


Quick View Frame

The Quick View Frame allows you to monitor a region of the screen while you work in other areas. MAGic displays this region in a small, inset window so you can see any changes or updates to that part of the screen.


Compatible with JAWS

MAGic is Compatible with the world's most popular screen reader, JAWS for Windows.


Online Help

Detailed, easy-to-use online Help and context-sensitive help for all dialog box options.


Application Specific Settings

MAGic allows you to designate and save specific settings for applications. These settings are automatically applied whenever you switch to the application.


Application Specific Functions

MAGic provides special functions for Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft

Excel to make working with documents in these applications even easier. Tools like the links list and form field list gather information into a single list and allow for easy navigation.


Support for Remote Access

MAGic also supports remote access using Citrix and Terminal Services (extra authorization is required). This feature enables the visually challenged to get access to a computer or a network from a remote distance. Useful for E-Learning or in Companies having a large branch network.



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