Mountbatten Electronic Talking Brailler



The Mountbatten Brailler is the complete Braille learning centre for children and their teachers. Extensive research and development has resulted in a design suitable for the very first stages of Braille instruction through to high school and beyond.


A professional resource, the Mountbatten Brailler offers exceptional connectivity and software to support flexible teaching and educational needs.


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  • As a simple tool it can be used to develop awareness of Braille symbols and characters.

  • An easy correct and erase function means children are more willing to write their ideas.

  • Audio response reinforces learning and tells what commands are being entered.

  • With the addition of a MIMic, teacher supervision becomes easy and continuous.

  • Connect a PC keyboard to enable sighted teachers, peers and family to write in Braille.

  • Braille-to-print as well as print-to-Braille translation available.

  • It can be used as a graphics embosser encouraging the development of tactual skills.

  • In the MB Pro a voice synthesiser enables file management and text editing.

  • Connect the Mountbatten to a PC and send files back and forward.




The Mountbatten Brailler is an electronic Braille writer, notetaker and embosser. It integrates modern computer technology and has multiple applications which support embossing, reading, file storage, and audio support of all operations.


Its main features include an ergonomic Braille keyboard, memory, speech feedback and forward and back translation. A regular PC keyboard can be connected to the Mountbatten to produce contracted or un-contracted Braille and a printer can be connected to produce a print translation of Braille output.


Mountbatten Talking Electronic Brailler a must for every integrated education school or teacher training institutes or even for blind professionals.


It offers a number of features/ benefits:








Four models available with features offering flexible performance:





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