Computer Supported OCR Scanning & Reading Software


Openbook OCR Scanning & Reading Software


This Scanning & Reading Software converts a computer and flatbed scanner combination into a reading machine for the Visually Challenged. All one needs to do is to place the book or printed text face down on the scanner and once it is scanned, the software converts it to readable format and reads the contents aloud in a clear voice.





  • Includes the Indian Accent Voice – Sangeeta

  • Includes RealSpeak Solo & Eloquence Voices

  • Converts documents and graphic-based text using the Freedom Import Printer feature into electronic text that is read aloud

  • Customize text font style, size, character spacing, and colours

  • quickly change the Text Size, Colour, Spacing, Font, or spotlight colour of your Text View,

  • Add Comments & Highlight important contents

  • Magnifies & Reformats the scanned documents into Wrapped Text – for ease of reading avoiding constant panning of the document from left to right



  • Enhanced ability to search for and download books from the Internet

  • Full support for listening to DAISY and other audio files

  • Built-in Braille support

  • Acquire text while in Microsoft® Word

  • Built-in photocopy & Fax functionality

  • The virtual XY table allows you to visually read through text on the screen in the Exact View and the live Camera View. If the view is zoomed to a larger size and the entire image is not visible, you can use the mouse or keyboard commands to pan the image up, down, left, or right respectively.

  • Convert scanned files into WAV or MP3 file formats

  • Importing and Exporting Braille Files

  • Supports several popular audio formats including DAISY Audio (XML) and Music Files (MP3, MPG, WAV, and WMA file formats)

  • Study Tools like Dictionary, Thesaurus, Spelling look up & Pronunciation Dictionary

  • Skim Reading option while scanning in the background for lengthy documents

  • Different Viewing Modes – Exact View as per Original Document, Text View in formatted mode for easy reading, Split View option allows for easy comparison of the original document and the results of OCR conversion.

  • Masking and Word Spotlighting features synchronize with the text being read, making it easy to follow the screen position during reading.

  • Fully Compatible With PEARL Instant Reader

  • OpenBook comes with 3 Authorization Keys OR a USB Dongle Lock for License Activation

 Man uses the split screen feature to see the actual page view in one window and highlighted text in another





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