Instant Text Readers/ Magnifiers - Computer Supported


PEARL Instant Reader

Comes bundled with Openbook OCR Scanning & Reading Software


These are hi-tech Instant Reading Camera Devices that connect to a Computer or Laptop and convert it into a Portable Hi- Speed Reading System.




  • Foldable Camera Device

  • Lightweight, Portable & Easy to Carry

  • Built-in LED Lighting for use in low light environments

  • Simple & Easy to use takes a snapshot of your printed reading material and within 5 seconds instantly reads it aloud in a Clear Indian Voice Sangeeta

  • Can Scan Thick Bound Books without the need to remove individual pages

  • Scanning Speed - 20 pages per minute

  • Multiple Choice of Reading Voices & Adjustable Reading Speed






  • Reads Foreign Language documents with native speaker voices

  • Magnifies & Reformats the scanned documents into Wrapped Text for ease of reading avoiding constant panning of the document from left to right

  • Also Works like a Video Magnifier to magnify any language text, diagram or object placed under the camera

  • Low Vision Features Enlarge font size, change the foreground/ background colors, have individual words spotlighted as they are spoken

  • Supports Braille displays like Freedom Scientific's Focus and PacMate for reading scanned files in Braille, helpful for the Deaf-Blind and those who prefer to read their books in Braille.


Ideal for Public Libraries, Educational Institutions, NGOs, Classrooms as well as for Personal Use for instant reading by Visually & Physically Challenged Young Children, Housewives & Senior Citizens.




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