Stand Alone Instant Text Reader


SARA CE (ScanningAnd Reading Appliance - Camera Edition)

Instant Reader cum Magnifier


A simple text reading machine for those who are not comfortable with computers but still need to read printed books and materials. All that the user needs to do is simply place the text on the unit and SARA CE instantly reads out the contents aloud in a clear Indian accent voice and even magnifies the text, object, diagram, picture to be viewed.





  • Read almost any printed material - books including bound books, magazines, letters, newspapers, & more

  • Simple to use - Just place the book under the camera, and the SARA CE instantly starts reading it to you in an Indian Voice - Sangeeta. No technical or computer experience is needed.

  • Motion Sensor Technology - provides high speed scanning of 20 Pages per Minute as it senses motion & takes a snap on every turn of a page while continuing to read the earlier pages.

  • Reads columnar documents or tables and financial statements

  • Low Vision Features - Connect a monitor to access the customizable low vision features as you can increase the text size, change text & background colours, add more space between letters, and highlight words as they are spoken and view JPEG and Image files.


The SARA CE reading a magazine page and displaying text on a monitor




  • Save files to hard drive or USB thumb drive

  • Pre-installed with a library of 222 Classic Literature Books

  • Reads TXT, DOC, RTF, OBX, PDF, HTML, XML and DAISY file formats

  • Plays audio files in WAV, unprotected WMA, CDA & MP3 file formats

  • Skim Reading - Reads the first or last sentence of each paragraph for quickly going through books

  • Browse Multiple Opened Documents - especially useful for reference reading or for preparing notes

  • In Built Light - for optimum accuracy of scanning & reading in poor lighted environments

  • Customization - Change the Reading Speed, Volume, Voice, Scanning Modes - single or multiple pages and even the format to save the scanned pages/ books in the USB pen drive

  • Supports Braille displays like Focus, PacMate, etc. for reading scanned files in Braille, helpful for the Deaf-Blind and those who prefer to read their books in Braille.

  • Specifications:

    Size: 12 by 15.5 by 3.9 inches
    Weight: 2.9 kg Only
    Onboard Storage: 160GB hard drive


Ideal for Public Libraries, Educational Institutions, NGOs, Classrooms as well as for Personal Use for instant reading by Visually & Physically Challenged Young Children, Housewives & Senior Citizens.




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