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Language Master - A talking dictionary





Especially designed talking dictionary for the visually challenged with several features to support learning such as:


The Language Master LM6000 Special Edition is a compact and comprehensive reference source with a sophisticated electronic text-to-speech capability. It combines a dictionary, thesaurus, spelling corrector, grammar guide and ten educational games in one easy-to-use portable unit that can slip into a back pack.


The Language Master makes language more accessible for people who are vision impaired/blind. The letters on the keys are maximum- contrast black on white and each letter is bold, capitalised and 1/4"/.63cm high for maximum legibility. All keys, letters, words, spellings and definitions can be audibly pronounced to identify or confirm keyboard entries or screen displays.


The Language Master is also useful for those people with a speech impairment. They can type messages such as "My name is.., "My address is..., " Please help me to..."and it reads them out aloud. It stores up to 26 messages and can be played back anytime.


The Language Master 6000 has proven to be a valuable tool for even people with a learning disability. "It has been exciting to watch the progress the Language Master is helping (my daughter Katherine make). Somehow when she combines the auditory, visual, and physical feedback, she remembers words." - Mrs Danuta Highet, a mother of a child with a disability.




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