TOPAZ XL HD Desktop Video Magnifier

TOPAZ desktop video magnifiers make seeing type, handwriting, and small details easier than ever before


Just place a letter or picture on the moveable reading table, and adjust the magnification level and display colours that best suit your eyesight. Your document displays in super large size on the screen. Anything that fits on the reading table can be magnified.



The TOPAZ® XLuses a true High Definition camerato produce the clearest, sharpest image andcrispest text available. The sharp image allows the TOPAZ XL HD to offer the lowest magnification and widest field of view of any desktop video magnifier, so you can maximize the amount of information displayed on the screen - especially with a widescreen monitor. This reduces the need to move the reading table when reading text, looking at photo albums, or working on crafts and other projects.


Many users will find they can display an entire page of text in high contrast and read comfortably without moving their document back and forth under the camera.







Hear the TOPAZ XL HD Read Aloud by Combining OpenBook and GEM

By Adding the GEM and OpenBook Software, you can have TOPAZ XL HD Read Aloud for you!


How It Works?

Press a key, and the High Definition image from your TOPAZ XL HD is sent to OpenBook® scanning and reading software, which automatically performs OCR and begins reading aloud from the contents of your screen.




Some other great activities that you can resume include reading:






25 inches H* / 17.2 inches W / 17.3 inches D / (63.5 cm / 43.7 cm / 43.9 cm)



Magnification Range:


Power Supply:

Input voltage 100-240V AC

Frequency 50-60 Hz

Single wall plug




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