Index Everest-D V5



Cut-Sheet Braille and Tactile Graphic Printer


The most versatile Braille embosser that embosses Braille on cut-sheet paper in any format – Single Sheet Double sided or 4-Page Booklet format with Excellent Quality Rounded Braille Dots.


A revolution in the field of Braille Production - Cost Effective and Hi-tech!


The 5th Generation Index Everest-D V5 is a High-Speed Cut-Sheet Double Sided Automatic Braille printer from Index Braille, Sweden

Index V5 Embossers enable you to emboss files directly from a USB Pen drive without using a computer or even a Smart Phone or Tablet PC using Wi-Fi




Production Capacity: 400 Braille Pages (A4) per hour


Simple and Easy to Use: Take a stack of 50 sheets of Braille Paper and place them on the sheet feeder, give the emboss command and after embossing the embossed Braille paper gets collected one over the other.


Interpoint (Double sided) Braille:

Embosses on both sides of the Braille paper making it cost effective


Supports a wide-variety of paper formats: for producing Braille documents on easily available cut-sheet paper


Multi-purpose: Can be used for multiple purposes like producing Books, Magazines, Newsletters, Notes, Braille Labels, Visiting Cards, Ballot Papers and much more…




Produces Books in 4-Page Magazine Format:


Can produce braille books and other lengthier documents in 4-page magazine format using cut-sheet paper that can easily be centre-stapled or stitched.


When printing in booklet format, the printer is loaded with A3 size paper (or Tabloid) and embosses vertically (or sideways) on the page in A4 (or Letter) size pages with a folding line down the centre of the paper. Each Braille page is automatically embossed in page order, once the document is completed, simply fold along the folding line, centre-staple/ stitch and your book is ready! It's that easy, all done automatically.



Emboss and manage your Index V5 Embosser from a Smart Phone or Tablet PC using Wi-Fi:


Supports direct embossing from any Smart phone or Tablet PC using the Index app. The embosser will use Index-direct-Braille (idB), an embedded direct printing application, to print files automatically. idB translates braille into Grade 1 or Grade 2 braille, formats the page layout, duplexing and page number. Print emails, notes, online content, etc. by saving the text in any standard file format such as doc, pdf, txt or brf. Then emboss braille from your mobile device such as iPhone, Android or Windows phone.

Using the same web interface (Index app) you can also:


·         Monitor embosser status and progress.

·         Repair and install the firmware on the SD card.

·         Run service functions for testing.

·         Set up desired print layout, communication settings and endless other embosser MENU options.


Description: C:\Users\Karishmma\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\usb_EVV5_small.jpg

Emboss files directly from a USB Pen drive: 

Connect a USB pen drive directly to the USB port of the Index V5 embosser and directly start embossing without using a computer.


Back up/ Restore directly with USB Pen Drive:

You can back up / restore the braille settings, page layouts, etc. directly from the embosser to a USB pen drive thus eliminating the need to do it again in case it gets deleted accidently or you want to copy the settings to another Index V5 Embosser.



FREE In-built Braille Translator - Index Direct Braille (idB):


idB is a direct braille printing application built into the V5 braille embosser. It is available free of charge and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux computers. 


With Index Direct Braille users can directly emboss text files of type .doc .pdf .txt and .docx into either Grade 1 (literary) or Grade 2 (contracted) braille without the need for a separate Braille Translation Software.



idB automatically translates the document into braille as per the language selected, formats the page layout as well as includes the Braille Page number. This braille translation function is available for many languages including Indian languages through the Liblouis open source project.



Excellent Braille dot quality:

High quality hammers provide excellent braille dot quality, a longer life cycle, higher embossing speed and lower power consumption.


Emboss High Resolution Tactile Graphics:


Supports production of high resolution tactile graphics along with text on the same page specially for Maps, Graphs, Diagrams for subjects like Geography, Geometry, Economics, Maths, Computers, Sciences, etc. using Tactile Graphic Design Software in conjunction with Duxbury Braille Translation software.


9 Flexible Page layouts:


Has the option to modify 1-9 page layouts based on paper size, duplexing, character per line, lines per page and function to create your own layouts. Users can directly select/ edit/ add and delete a page layout from the control panel.


Easy to Use Control Panel:


·         Provides the user complete embosser control

·         Tactile easy to feel buttons

·         All buttons labelled in Text and Braille

·         Talking buttons that speak in Indian Accent Voice - Deepa

·         Provides LED highlighted – current embosser status information




Network Capability: supports embossing from a network.


LED Lights embedded inside the embosser:

Provide good lighting to see the head area and also helpful during maintenance.


Low Cost: An affordable High Speed Double-sided Desktop Braille Printer


Easy On-site Maintenance:


Can be easily maintained by the Braille operator himself without the need of a Service Engineer as:

·         No mechanical adjustment is required.

·         No lubrication of moving parts.

·         Hammers can be changed by Braille operator reducing down time and delay



Remote Support:


Now service can even be provided instantly via internet, requiring only a network connected V5 embosser and a remote support session that is easily set up with only a few key strokes. Once connected, the Index Braille support team can assist in the service of the embosser by accessing your embosser's internal software. From there they can diagnose and solve any issues, all while sitting at their desks in Sweden.


Prompt After Sales Service Support:


We have a network of Technical Service Engineers all over India to provide prompt after sales service to ensure smooth functioning of Index Braille Embossers.



Live Demo available at our Assistive Technology Showroom:

Visit us in Mumbai for a live demonstration of the entire range of Index Braille Embossers to witness the excellent benefits they offer and a host of other Assistive Technologies!



Technical Specifications









Embossing speed

110 cps


100-240 V AC

Forming method

One embossing head with 13 hammers against steel anvils

Power max

140 W

Tactile Resolution

100 dpi

Power stand by

5 W

Vertical printing

(booklet format)


Switched power supply















45 cm (17.72 in)




56 cm (22.05 in)

USB memory stick



18 cm (7.09 in)

Wi-Fi network


Net volume

45.36 dm3 (1.6 ft3)

Wired network


Net weight

12 kg (26.4 lbs)



Noise level

80 dB(A)

Supports mobile devices



Web interface




Free firmware upgrade


Paper weight

120-180 g/m2 (80-110 lbs)

Supports idB


Paper width

130-297 mm (5.1" to 11.7")

Printer driver for Windows, Mac and Linux


Paper length

100-590 mm (3.9" to 23.2")



Adjustable paper size






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